Sun Yeo is an artist and designer.

Through subtle, dreamlike and whimsical artwork, Sun creates a world that explores stories about love, pain, desires and hopes. Longing for that eternal childlike innocence, a shattered dream yearning to be mended, or an awakening of a beautiful memory.

Inspired by people and the complexities of human emotions, Sun intends to evoke feelings of hope and peace, under the premise that art can be cathartic to our souls, and its beauty can connect our spiritual dimension to reality.

A little bit of Sun’s background.
Sun was born in Seoul, lived in Vienna and was raised in Sao Paulo. She studied at Parson School of Design and worked in New York as graphic designer for several years.

Sun’s exposure to cultural diversity has shaped the broad spectrum of subjects and media she likes to explore.

It was not until 2014 that a new chapter in her life and a career shift focused Sun on developing her own personal artworks.

With her extensive experience in the field of graphic design, she enjoys connecting the multidisciplinary media of art, design, literature and technology in her artwork.

She currently lives, works and plays in the sunny side of Los Angeles.

Today she is working on her first children’s book. 



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